On February 22nd, 2014, Ian Randall Thornton released his debut EP “End Where You Begin”, a six track continuous song series about the beauty and difficulty of love in the context of change, life, and death. This soulful folk record is a journey of breathtaking tension and release. Intricate, heartfelt acoustic guitar and Ian’s rich baritone blend with tasteful string arrangements and other instruments that seem to enter and exit like a brilliantly choreographed play. Poetic and descriptive lyrics draw you into a cinematic narrative that feels like a good conversation flowing from layer to layer of the weighty topic. For such a lofty conceptual album it remains approachable, human and personal while leaving the listener feeling enriched, embraced and contemplative.

Album credits

Produced by - Ian Randall Thornton and Ryan Meadows

Engineered by - Ryan Meadows and Junior Favela at collector studios

Mixed by - Jonathan Santana

Mastered by - Matt Ruckle

Photography by - Randall Thornton

Graphic design by - Manny Gonzalez

Songs written and arranged by - Ian Randall Thornton


Electric guitar - Gabe Rosenfarb

Drums - Jacob Dyer

Violin - Jessi Hunt

Violin and viola - Jenni Hunt

Piano - Junior Favela

Acoustic guitar, Bass guitar, upright bass, ukulele and vocals - Ian Randall Thornton